The Modern Leader is a Learning Program for ambitious professionals who want to learn how to navigate their work environment with more clarity and confidence and less stress. The program is designed and led by Nicole Alesios. 

How Does The Modern Leader work?



We take a deep dive into Leadership and what it means to you and why. We also look at your communication style and work life balance. We re-define what you want your Leadership and communication work life balance path to look  like.



With the context from Step A. We guide you on how to 'de-code' yourself and then teach you how to 're-code' yourself by using specific self help tools. These tools will help you to create balance, influence and growth and be an enabler when it comes to scaling your Business and Leadership.



Now that you have the self insight and the knowledge on how to use your self help tools. Here we show you how to use your power to create the impact and influence that you want. Here you will learn how to achieve more impact and influence by doing less.

What Can The Modern Leader Do For You?

Any Professional environment requires you to have clarity, exceptional communication skills and emotional dexterity. Without guidance, Leadership, can seem frustrating and exhausting. The Modern Leader can show you how to manage stress and worry in business so you can have more influence and impact.

Who is The Modern Leader For?

The Modern Leader is for All Leaders and Professionals. Whether you want to connect with your stakeholders, get what you want with a lot less effort, build emotional intelligence, The Modern Leader will help you to: 

 Eliminate Confusion

Optimize your everyday conversations

Create your own personal Leadership style 

Leverage your strengths as a Professional

Think more commercially

Lead without fear

Ask for what you want with ease

Connect more easily with your team and customers 

What makes The Modern Leader Different to Other Programs? 

1. You will get 18 month access to tools resources

 and members only materials.

2. Access to the trends in Modern Leadership. 

3. Simple and easy to apply solutions to common workplace people problems.

4. A supportive online community. 

5. Group coaching with like minded Professionals.