The Modern Leader is a Learning Program for progressive professionals who want to learn how to navigate their work environment with more clarity, balance and influence. The program is designed and led by Nicole Alesios. 


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How Does The Modern Leader work?



We take a deep dive into Leadership and define what Leadership means to you. We look at your communication style, work-life balance and re-define what you want your Leadership and work life balance dynamic to look like.



With the context from Step A. We guide you on how to 'de-code' yourself and then teach you how to 're-code' yourself by using specific self help tools. These tools promote balance, influence and growth and will enable you to have more influential and impactful conversations with less stress. We cover the following topics: ego, understanding your triggers, setting boundaries and how to have critical conversations. 



You now have the self-awareness and knowledge about how to use your self help tools. Here we show you how to experientially apply the tools to specific workplace situations so you can create the most desirable outcomes with your stakeholders.

What Can The Modern Leader Do For You?

Any Professional environment requires you to have clarity, exceptional communication skills and emotional dexterity. Without guidance and the right tools, Leadership, can seem frustrating and exhausting. The Modern Leader can show you how you can create better work life balance so that you can have more influence and impact. Do less, achieve more is the goal.

What Topics are covered in The Modern Leader program?

1. Stress Management and defining what success means to you

2. The concept of Perfection

3.  Understanding the Ego in others and yourself to be able to manage your triggers and have more influential conversations.

4. How to have Critical Conversations

5. How To Ask for Anything you want

6. Performance Management Tips

7. Setting Boundaries

Who is The Modern Leader Program For?

The Modern Leader Program is for Business Owners and Leaders working within Organisations. Whether you want to connect with your stakeholders, get what you want with a lot less effort, build emotional intelligence, The Modern Leader will help you to: 

 Eliminate Confusion 

Optimize your everyday conversations

 Help you to better understand and navigate triggering conversations

Leverage your strengths as a Professional

Think more commercially

Lead without fear

Ask for what you want with ease

 Teach you how to influence your team, clients and stakeholders

What makes The Modern Leader Program Different to Other Programs? 

1. You will get to apply your learnings to real life scenarios immediately

2. You will be introduced to tools and ideas which support the collaboration of wellbeing and Leadership

3. You will learn simple and easy to apply solutions to workplace problems.

4. A supportive community

5. The option of group coaching with like minded Professionals


 How is the Program delivered?

The program is delivered like this: 

- One hour teaching or coaching session, one day a week over four weeks over Zoom or Facebook Live. 

- There will be an option to record our sessions, so that you can go back and listen to the parts that interest you the most. 

- In these sessions, I will teach you effective conversational and holistic Leadership tools and essentially how to achieve more, by doing less. 

- We will also role play real life workplace scenarios which might be a sticking point for you at the moment. The idea is that you feel comfortable and know HOW to apply what you have learnt to different contexts.

- Each week, you will receive exercises to complete, which relate to the module that we are covering. The exercises will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. They are designed to get you thinking, more so than writing. You may wish to power read through them and spend 15 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes.

- You will receive done for you materials when we explore the self-help tools section. Done for you materials in the form of easy to apply conversational scripts to real life work place situations.

How can I learn more? 

Sometimes reading doesn't quite cut it, I understand. If you would like to speak further, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

0403 815 546

What is the investment? 

The investment is $1297AUD (including G.S.T)