The Importance of being able to have easier money conversations 

Do you think that a man in a position of power would try to take advantage of Oprah as she stands today? 

Why is it important that as women we know how to have easier money conversations? Is it to create more money with more ease? Yes, absolutely. However, it's also far deeper than that. It's also to contribute to gender equity. To dissolve that imbalance of power between men and women when it comes to money. 

Imagine how the #metoo movement would look if women had equal money and power.. 

Would a man who is in a position of power in the workplace, in the family home feel comfortable enough to exploit a woman, if she was in a position of equal power and influence? Perhaps, however I cannot imagine a man in a position of power trying to take advantage of Oprah right now (I'd say Stedman - Oprah's partner - has it pretty good). 

There are women who are working in small businesses, corporate jobs, living in family environments who know and feel that gender power imbalance daily. These women often feel stuck, exhausted and tired as they manage multiple 'hats'. They are tired, competing to be men and focusing on being resilient all whilst doing their ‘job’, but also feeling like they're juggling so many competing priorities that it can feel hard to know what to focus on next.

They might be in this position because they are the primary breadwinner for their family, they are carrying a lot and emotionally and financially there is a lot at stake. Despite this, these women know that their present way of being is not sustainable or conducive to their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing, yet they may feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer thought of change.  You may even be one of these women. I see you - putting your own needs first might feel somewhat foreign and maybe even greedy at times.

Here's the thing, its important to remember that no one is going to advocate for you, more than you.  Sallie Krawcheck (CEO Ellevest) amplifies the importance of women having “Take Your Hand off My Leg Money”. I invite you to think about what that looks like for you.  

Your "Take Your Hand Off My Leg Money" might be starting a new business that has potential for greater personal and financial freedom, coupled with more inner peace and clarity.

If you have a desire to step out and create your own business, there is no better time for you, than now. The world is ripe for WOMEN in business. The world is ready for a new way, the old bro style of doing biz is boring and the world is craving something far deeper. You have something so beautiful to share and the way you infuse your work with creativity, passion and love, brings a unique edge to the way you serve - an edge that people are looking for now more than ever. 

Also, business operating expenses are at an all time low and you can reach global markets from your phone while you're scrolling in bed - what's not to love about that.

If you are reading this and you have this burning desire to create something which has the potential to afford you more personal and financial freedom and you're ready to call in more ease and simplicity, know that you are right on time. You know enough and that you've totally got this.  

The world is waiting for you.

Big Love

Nicole x 

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