Money Mindset Mastery is a transformational 12 week online program which helps you to:

Understand your unique money patterns and behaviours so that you know how to best make money and what behaviours trigger you to spend money

Align your money conversations with the strengths of your money personality (so that those sales conversations become more easeful, powerful and profitable)

Profile your ideal clients money patterns and behaviours, so that you can align and influence more 

If building a business around your money making strengths and having easy money conversations are important to you, then this is for you.

Group Coaching

6 x 1 Hour Coaching Calls + 1:1 Voxer Support. Delivered over 12 weeks

Delivered over Zoom (meaning that you can work with me from anywhere in the world!)

How Is The Program Structured?




We look at your Unique Money Personality via an assessment. There are 8 money personalities and your dominant Money personality provides insight into your beliefs, motivations and triggers surrounding money. We take a deep dive into all of the 8 Money Personalities. Here we learn about the essence and characteristics of each of the eight money personalities.



Once we understand the gifts and challenges of our money personality, we then teach you how to align your business model with the gifts of your Money Personality. The aim here is clarity and focus. Leaving behind trying to do and be everything and focusing your model on what works BEST for you. Easier money conversations, results in easier money.



You now know about the 8 Money Personalities and you are aware of your money making strengths and challenges. Now we look at profiling your clients spending triggers. Here we dig deep to understand your ideal client's spending triggers. Understanding the spending triggers of your clients, allows you to choose who you are best aligned to work with, further simplifying your model.

What can Money Mindset Mastery do for you?

Within us, we each have a unique money personality. Knowing your unique money DNA, will help you to understand what motivates you when it comes to working and making money. You will be able to discover your three core money strengths or challenges and learn how to use them to create and keep more money. You will be in a position to make money from a place of alignment, not fear and will be better positioned to let go of any sabotaging behaviours (don't worry, we all have them!). It will help you to set money boundaries with greater ease and enable you to feel more confident with money decisions which will take your business and income to a new level.

What can Money Mindset Mastery help you with? 

PART 1: Understanding your Money Personality and the gifts and challenges associated with your money personality. We will explore how you can align your business with the strengths of your Money Personality. This is an opportunity to look at re-framing your service offerings to see how you can make your offerings simple, yet impactful. The idea here is aligning to what feels right for you.

PART 2: Understanding your client's spending triggers. Here we dig deeper to understand your client's buying behaviours and what they need from you, from an emotional perspective when you transact with them. Aligning your money making strengths with the spending triggers of your client, ensures easier money conversations with the right people.

Who is Money Mindset Mastery for?

Money Mindset Mastery is for female business owners, based in the services industry who are ready to work through their money blocks and self limiting beliefs and really connect with their money making strengths. Or for women who are in ''Start Up'' phase, that is women who are new in business and looking for clarity and structure in relation to their business model. Money Mindset Mastery will help you to:

 Eliminate Confusion around your money habits and behaviours

 Press Reset on a new money story

 Feel aligned with your money personality and business purpose

  Simplify your money conversations

 Profit from your money making gifts

Optimize your everyday sales and marketing conversations

 Better understand and connect with your client's spending triggers

Think with more clarity about the revenue streams of your business

          What is the Money Mindset Mastery 3 month curriculum?  

         Month 1: You and your unique Money Personality 

                         Month 2: Creating a business that is in alignment with your money making gifts

                         Month 3: Understand your client's emotional spending triggers

What makes Money Mindset Mastery different to other programs?  

1. You will get to crack your unique money code and learn about ideal business model alignment for your money archetype.

2. You will be introduced to all of the 8 money personalities, which will help you to understand what influences the money patterns and behaviours of those around you.

3. You will receive over 30 recorded videos explain each of the money personalities in detail


 How is the content delivered?

Money Mindset Mastery will involve:

1. Fortnightly Video + Worksheet Module uploaded in our Member support portal

2. Group coaching call via zoom every fortnight for 12 weeks

3. In this call, you will have the opportunity to talk directly about your money personality, how to apply the work to your business directly.

4. One to one weekly voxer support (3 x 3 minute weekly voxer messages)

What course material will I get?

1. Videos (held in a membership portal) explaining each of the 8 Money Personalities. For each Archetype we will look at their: Overview, Gifts and Challenges and Spending triggers

2. You will receive 8 beautiful Money Personality Cards (in A4 pdf). These beautifully designed cards are great as quick reference for you to refer to and travel with. Each card provides a high level overview on each of money personality, so you can learn, apply and reference whilst you are on the go. (I use them almost every day!).

3. A Money Mindset Mastery worksheet (every fortnight) which will contain further information about each of the 8 Money profiles, plus prompts for you to work on throughout the 12 week period.

4. Bonus module: Discover Your Money Voice which contains the following;

- I am Money Visualisations: Tap into your subconscious mind and connect with the way you visualise money deep down.

- Empower Your Money Voice (Exercise): Learn how to lean in and authentically connect with your true value (none of this yucky fake-ness).

- The No Excuses Empowerment Tool: Will empower you to anchor your sacred money contract

- Money Boundaries Breakthrough Tool: Will help you to transform your negative money beliefs so that you can grow in a way that feels in alignment with your highest self.

How can I learn more? 

Sometimes reading doesn't quite cut it, I completely understand. If you would like to speak further, please do not hesitate to contact me or Team Alesios directly.  We would love to answer any questions and chat to see if this amazing program is a fit for you

+61 403 815 546

What is the investment? 

A Fully Tax Deductible Place in Money Mindset Mastery is (payment plans available):  

Early Bird Price

Also..thank you for changing the world with me

Together we are helping another community - for every woman who enrolls into Money Mindset Mastery, a portion of money is donated to providing a family in Kenya with filtered running water for 5 years. I love that we get to do this together so much.