3 Easy Ways to implement Boundaries

Creating boundaries is the best way to show that you care about the people around you.  

I know that it can sometimes feel super easy to constantly serve others eg family, children, clients - it comes easily for us women and it feels so good, so why not help if you can. I get it.  

The reality is, that constantly serving feels good....until it doesn't (enter devil horns from frustration - come on we have all been there! I know I definitely have). 

Creating boundaries, means that not only do you stop ''doing everything for everyone'', but by doing so, you encourage and empower those people to step into their highest self.  

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Well when we constantly do the work for everyone, we are not only staying small (I am sure there is a better use of your time), we also keep those who we are serving small, by not allowing them the space to stretch and grow and learn about the extra tasks/work that we constantly do for them. 

I know my clients- women in serviced based businesses - can struggle with this notion. I am told, but that is what they are paying me for, so I want to give them my all and they end up often feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. The reality is that this type of thinking is inefficient and not scalable. 

You are wonder woman as you are, you do not need to give your soul. Your job is to provide incredible value and a service like no other. You do not need to give, for every penny that you receive. 


1. Remember if creating boundaries feels challenging or selfish for you, try and change the way you look at it. Instead of “Me First”, think of “Me Too!” Whatever you do for someone else, ensure that there is also a run on the board for you.  

2. Book in a weekly non-negotiable appointment with yourself. Self-care comes in many forms, boundaries is one type of self care. You can sub in activities that you look forward to, as a way of making it easy to enforce boundaries. For example, I do a Saturday morning dance class, anything overlapping that class is not negotiable. It is my creative time and I love it, so it is very easy for me to push back on anything or anyone trying to encroach on that time.

3. Need help putting on your own oxygen mask? Try this.  

Do this one first thing every Monday morning before you do any work (and no I am not referring to a hot water and lemon drink!). Instead, transfer some money into a savings account! This can be as much or as little money as you like. I read this idea somewhere a few years ago and I love it. (I cannot remember where I read it, so if you know who’s amazing idea this is, please shout out). By transferring money to MY SAVINGS, MY FUTURE first thing at the start of the week I ground myself into how I consciously and subconsciously want to enter my week. With very little effort, this action sets the intention of who is important – me - and as we know, focus goes where energy flows. 

Remember, you are gold sprinkle - give yourself permission to sprinkle your energy wisely.

 Nicole x