The Importance of Easier Money Conversations

Do you think a man in a position of power would try to take advantage of Oprah? Highly unlikely. Why is it important that as women we know how to have easier money conversations? Is it to create more money with more ease? Yes, absolutely. However, it is far deeper than that. It is to create and contribute to gender equity. To dissolve that imbalance of power between men and women when it comes to money.

3 Ways to Create Easy Boundaries

Creating boundaries is the best way to show that you care about the people around you. I know that it can sometimes feel super easy to constantly serve others eg family, children, clients - it comes easily for us women and it feels so good, so why not help if you can. I get it. The reality is, that constantly serving feels good....until it doesn't (enter devil horns from frustration - come on we have all been there! I know I definitely have).

5 Tips to stop Perfection From Ruling.

The good old gremlin, Perfection. Ultimately when things don’t go to plan, we have two choices: 1. Panic and upset our mental and physical health, or; 2. Make up Plan B and own it.

5 Ways to Say No At Work

No week. Not O week, NO WEEK. Some of us have this great tendency to serve. To serve our family, our friends, clients, bosses, colleagues, the companies we work for. It is no secret that many of us love to serve with our heart and soul. I call these types of people beautiful Nurturers.