Nicole Alesios

Money Mindset Coach + Speaker

Nicole Alesios is a Money Mindset Teacher, Coach and Speaker, who works specifically with Women who own (or own the dream) of a service based business. 

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and has majors in Economics, Human Resources Management and Commercial Law. Professionally, Nicole has 10 years of commercial experience across the following sectors: Publishing, Utilities, Pharmaceutical and Property. 

Nicole has worked with the following brands, AGL Energy and Soul Pattinson Pharmacy group and Just Group of companies (publishing and media sector). Nicole consults privately and also runs training programs emphasising the importance of Money Mindset for Women. 

Nicole works virtually and is based in vibrant Melbourne, Australia. 

Now lets switch to me speaking.  Hi Lovely, thank you so much for joining me here. Essentially, I help amazing women like you - serviced based business owners, value and price their time accordingly (and lovingly ditch the guilt). I am a Money Mindset coach and Speaker who works with heart centered women who are ready to share their unique elixir with the world and authentically grow their business. My focus area is supporting women to have easier money conversations, firstly with themselves (goodbye guilt), and secondly with their client’s and prospects (hello selling with heart).  

I started my career over a decade ago in Human Resources and have commercial experience across the following sectors: Publishing, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Property and Health & well-being. I have worked with large companies, medium companies, c-suite executives, high net-worth individuals, through to incredible esoteric, heart led entrepreneurs just like you.  

The one thing that I have noticed throughout my career, is the magical elixir that is communication and the deep value that easeful money conversations provide – to both the buyer and the seller.  I have grown my business from generalist coaching and business advisory to specialising in Money Mindset Coaching for Women. This was driven by a feeling that there were limited places which nurture and support women to have safe and intimate money conversations around pricing and selling. 

I pride myself on my deep trust and the nourishment of women in business and community – I know that when women feel confident to have easier money conversations, they make more money and as a result, entire communities benefit from their generosity.  

I live in Melbourne Victoria, Australia and when I am not in my cocoon, serving dream women like you, you will find me on long beach walks and or sipping on a fun flavored herbal tea (or cocktail!).

Thank you for being here, I am so excited to serve + support you. 

Big Love.  

 Nicole xx