I Help you to Be Seen Heard and Understood at work. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of people and strategy issues so that you can grow professionally. With our Framework, you can confidently solve staff and peer issues, create growth opportunities and more without spending a fortune on another consultant or agency. How can we serve you?

Nicole Alesios is a Human Resources and Business Strategist, who works specifically with introverted Leaders. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and has majors in Economics, Human Resources Management and Commercial Law. Professionally, Nicole has 10 years of commercial experience across the following sectors: Publishing, Utilities, Pharmaceutical and Property. Nicole has worked for the following brands, AGL Energy and Soul Pattinson Pharmacy group and Just Group of companies. Nicole consults privately and also runs training programs emphasising the importance of Employee and Customer connection. Nicole works virtually and is based in vibrant Melbourne, Australia. Now lets switch to me speaking. Hi There, thank you so much for joining me here. Essentially, I help introverted Leaders like you grow. I understand that the work environment can be challenging and frustrating at times to say the least. I am here to help you to demystify the challenges so that you can rise to your next level with clarity and ease. The types of challenges which I can guide you on are: Business Strategy, People issues, Performance Management, Critical Conversations, Succession Planning and Leadership Coaching. My methodology is practical, easy to apply and it works.

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